Do You Feel Divided From the Person You Used to Be?
Life changing events may leave you feeling divided into 8220 the person you used to be 8221 and the 8220 person you are now. 8221 The change may not be drastic, or the change may create a profound before and after. Lauren Marks explores this idea in her new memoir, A Stitch of Time. Seeing Old Friends Lauren Marks hellip
Aphasia.org - Thu. Jul 6
Telling Someone Else's Aphasia Story
Where does one person 8217 s story begin and another person 8217 s story end The people around you may be affected by your aphasia, and it becomes part of their story. Or the same thing can happen in reverse, the people around you become part of your aphasia story. Characters overlap and may see the same situation from hellip
Aphasia.org - Thu. Jul 6
A Cheaper Alternative to Hearing Aids?
A handful of over-the-counter personal sound amplification products fared as well as an expensive hearing aid in helping people pick up more words in conversation, researchers report. While the study took place in a sound booth, in this controlled environment, some of these devices helped people with mild to moderate hearing loss as well as a hearing aid, said study author Nicholas Reed. He is an audiologist at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, in Baltimor ...
Healthday - Thu. Jul 6
Gaze direction affects sensitivity to sounds
Listening to something while looking in a different direction can slow down reaction times while the brain works harder to suppress distractions, finds a new UCL study. In a study published in Scientific Reports , UCL researchers found that a misalignment between the direction of the eyes and the focus of auditory attention leads to slower reactions and increased listening effort. We frequently listen away from where our eyes are directed, such as when dri ...
EurekAlert - Thu. Jul 6
Thank You for Bringing Aphasia Awareness
Aphasia Awareness Month may be coming to an end tomorrow, but the work of educating the general public about aphasia continues well beyond the month of June. We 8217 re not slowing down, and we hope you 8217 ll still be doing the hard work of spreading awareness, too. We 8217 ve kicked off another book club book A Stitch of hellip
Aphasia.org - Tue. Jul 4
Certain OTC, less expensive hearing aids provide benefit similar to convention...
A comparison between less-expensive, over-the-counter hearing assistance devices and a conventional hearing aid found that some of these devices were associated with improvements in hearing similar to the hearing aid, according to a study published by JAMA . Presently, hearing aids can only be purchased in the United States through a licensed professional, with an average cost of 4,700 for two hearing aids uncovered by Medicare . According to nationally re ...
EurekAlert - Mon. Jul 3
A Stitch of Time: Invisible Effects of Aphasia
Some effects of aphasia are apparent immediately. The inability to follow a conversation or answer a question signals to the other person that there is a communication problem. But some of the effects of aphasia lie hidden deep below the surface. This is the first thought that Lauren Marks tackles in her new memoir about hellip
Aphasia.org - Sat. Jul 1
Poorer Kindergarteners Face a 'Double Dose of Disadvantage'
Low-income kids face language-learning obstacles at home and at school, a new study contends. Children may go from a home with limited physical and psychological resources for learning and language to a school with similar constraints, resulting in a double dose of disadvantage, said study lead author Susan Neuman. She is a professor of childhood and literacy education at New York University. Neuman and her colleagues followed 70 Michigan kindergarteners. ...
Healthday - Sat. Jul 1
Horse Therapy Could Rein In Stroke's Damage Years Later
It may not be for everyone, but a new study suggests that the smooth stride of a gentle horse may help stroke survivors regain lost mobility and balance years after their brain attack. I don t think we re ready to say that once you ve reached the last phase of stroke recovery, you should get on a horse, said Dr. Daniel Lackland, a spokesperson for the American Stroke Association. But, it s exciting that many of these patients saw improvements with therapie ...
Healthday - Sat. Jul 1
Controlling a single brain chemical may help expand window for learning langua...
Learning language or music is usually a breeze for children, but as even young adults know, that capacity declines dramatically with age. St. Jude Children s Research Hospital scientists have evidence from mice that restricting a key chemical messenger in the brain helps extend efficient auditory learning much later in life. Researchers showed that limiting the supply or the function of the neuromodulator adenosine in a brain structure called the auditory ...
EurekAlert - Sat. Jul 1
New research identifies key mechanism behind some deafness
Although the basic outlines of human hearing have been known for years - sensory cells in the inner ear turn sound waves into the electrical signals that the brain understands as sound - the molecular details have remained elusive. Now, new research from the University of Maryland School of Medicine UM SOM , has identified a crucial protein in this translation process. The findings were published today in the latest issue of Nature Communications . The stu ...
EurekAlert - Sat. Jul 1
For Diabetics, Nasal Powder Fixed Severe Low Blood Sugar
For many people with diabetes, low blood sugar levels are a serious health risk, but researchers report that a new nasal powder quickly reverses the effects of this dangerous condition. Better yet, it can be administered even when someone is unconscious, the researchers added. The nasal powder contains the hormone glucagon. This hormone tells the body to release stored sugar, which will generally reverse a low blood sugar episode. Glucagon is currently onl ...
Healthday - Wed. Jun 28