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Looking for SLP Student Placements for 2024 - primarily Michigan, but open to options!

Start: 6/24/2024
End: 8/9/2024
Location: Grand Rapids, MI 49503
Posted: Fri. Sep 8
Hi Dr. Penning,
I am the new SLP Clinical Placement Coordinator for GVSU. I'm writing to ask if you accept SLP grad students for clinical placement? I'm looking for a few more sites for Jan 8-April 19, MTW as well as full time later in '24. Let me know your availability.
Thank you very much,
Beth Macauley, Ph.D., CCC-SLP, HPCS, FNAP
Associate Professor and Clinical Placement Coordinator - GVSU

P.S. I came to Grand Rapids to be faculty at Calvin - great program with wonderful people!
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