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SLPA Intern looking for a supervisor / Sacramento, CA

Type: Speech-Language Pathology
Location: Sacramento, CA 95608
Description: Hi Deborah! My name is Moriah Hollingshead, I'm currently doing my SLPA license through east bay online and I am looking for someone who may need an intern and would be willing to supervise me for 100 hours. I am a hard worker and can't wait to get started in this line of work. I know due to covid things are weird right now but if you wanted to help me with interning for you I'd love to hear back from you, or if you know anyone else looking for an intern that would be so helpful as well! Thanks!
Qualifications: Bachelors Degree - Communication Sciences & Disorders - Chico State - Class of 2019
Minor - Special Education
Currently doing my SLPA license online through Cal State East Bay

I have done a lot of volunteering at elementary to high school special education classrooms, as well as volunteering and living with a family in France.
Posted On: Monday, November 2, 2020
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