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Child Language Diagnostics

offering speech-language pathology assessment, consultation, and training services in the area of child language to the San Antonio community and beyond. We hope you enjoy your visit to our site and welcome your comments about it.

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Child Language Diagnostics provides in-depth language assessment and diagnosis to help parents better understand their child’s communication and language development strengths and weaknesses. Beyond decisions regarding determining the presence of a disorder or questions of eligibility, detailed child language assessment attempts to describe skills and needs in more functional and varied contexts, so as to more closely resemble situations faced by the child.

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Parents, grandparents, and other professionals working with a child often desire additional information about assisting a child with or at risk for language difficulties. For example, parents of a child with difficulty understanding directions may seek coaching in how to minimize breakdowns given their child’s particular abilities.


Parent, professional, human service, and educational organizations seek information about the role of language development and language disorders in the overall wellbeing of the families and children they serve. Child Language Diagnostics has experience in providing this information to parent groups and professionals in the areas of medicine, education, child development, and speech-language pathology.

How is CLD different?

Most speech-language pathology services are provided by clinicians who serve people with a wide range of speech, language, and swallowing disorders; much like a pediatrician or a family practitioner provides diagnosis and treatment for a variety of illnesses. Just as some physicians specialize in pediatric neurology or pediatric psychiatry, a few speech-language pathologists are board recognized specialists in child language.

CLD provides detailed and research-based information to parents about their child’s language development, beyond what is typically provided in an initial assessment of a child’s speech and language.
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