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Stone Oak Therapy Services and Learning Institute

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Stone Oak Therapy Services and Learning Institute
About Stone Oak Therapy

What makes our clinic different? Although we do have the most comprehensive outpatient rehab clinic in terms of resources dedicated solely to children with special needs, our staff is what truly makes us great. For example, our clinic offers the largest number of dually certified professionals by the American Speech Language and Hearing Association, American Occupational Therapy Association and the Behavior Analyst Certification Board (BACB). There are only 5 in the city.

It is also the only clinic in San Antonio with a speech pathologist who has completed an internship at the prestigious Social Thinking Center in San Jose, California. These interns spend a week working alongside Michelle Garcia Winner, Dr. Pam Crooke, and Stephanie Madrigal. There are currently 2 interns in the state of Texas and only 19 in the world.

Our Mission

The founders themselves are parents of children with exceptionalities, and know firsthand the challenges of addressing their needs on 24/7 basis. As if by divine intervention, the clinic was simultaneously created from the parents' frustration with their current healthcare employers, their child's recent diagnosis of Autism and ADHD, and the frustration of not having any resources for their child's needs. Thus, Stone Oak Therapy Services & Learning Institute was never started as a business venture, but rather created to educate the parents and effectively treat their children from the point of diagnosis with both outstanding intellectual and therapy resources.

Our Services

Stone Oak Therapy Services is structured to help each child reach his or her potential through carefully designed programs. Our unique comprehensive intake process ensures every member of the clinical team contributes to every child's program. There are no other outpatient rehab clinics in the area that provide the staff and resources that we do. Our team can evaluate a specific area of concern and provide you with a complete multidisciplinary assessment including developmental and educational performance.
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1020 Central Parkway South
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