Robin Best, Speech Language Pathologist | Article

Denial is a Waste of Time

Many times parents, especially mothers, will have a gut instinct that something is not quite right with their child’s development . At moments of courage they will ask their pediatricians , friends or family about their concerns. How many times do we follow the advise of the individual that tells us to wait, the child will probably grow out of it .
More often than not, we wait. That happens far too often and for longer than it should. Denial is a strong force. It allows us to postpone or distance ourselves to a reality we are not quite ready to face. I’m sure there are professionals who have the expertise to help and explain denial issues . Certainly we face these issues in many aspects of life. My concern is facing denial as it relates to our children and our loved ones that aren’t getting the help they should be receiving . Most specifically, children who are in need of services, such as speech therapy, occupational therapy, behavioral therapy, counseling or hearing testing....just to name a few.

The waiting game isn’t in the best interest of the child or parent. Isn’t it better to go to the correct professional and ask them if your child is in need of services? Early intervention is offered by the state because of its proven success . Multiple problems can be eliminated prior to entering school with programs such as those offered by Child Find. This program is effective and enables your child onto a better educational path.

These Child Find programs are free, so if cost is postponing any remediation, there is no excuse. There are other options such as clinics and private speech language pathologists that would incur costs, sometimes covered by health insurance . Choose your provider based on your and your child’s needs.

I urge all parents to follow their gut. By being proactive with early intervention you will be increasing self esteem, academic success and enabling your child to reach their potential for success.