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Apps for Preschoolers

The IPAD can be a very useful tool when used in moderation for preschoolers/toddlers to gain sustained attention and achieve speech and language goals. Some of my favorite apps for this age-group include:

Match it up apps (My Frist App): Match things that go together while working on vocabulary
Yes/No Questions (Buddy Bear)
Peek-A-Boo Fridge (Night & Day Studios) ( food vocabulary, can work on prepositions open/close, in/out, top/bottom, etc.)
Preposition (Zorten): Matching prepositions
Clean-up( Different Roads to Learning): Sorting tasks
Art Maker (Play School): Allows child to choose a theme, move objects within that scene and then record a video about the picture. Great for making short stories, verbal sequencing, vocabulary development, prepositions....