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We help clients communicate clearer, louder, and prouder! We provide assessment and treatment for children with a variety of communication disorders including childhood apraxia of speech, language delays, stuttering/fluency, speech delay, speech sound disorders, lisps, and social skills. Assessment and treatment for adults with a variety of communication disorders including lisps that were never corrected as children, dysarthria (slurred speech), aphasia (word finding difficulty), apraxia, cognitive communication disorder (Impaired attention, memory, judgment, or organization) caused by dementia, stroke, concussion, or a traumatic brain injury. Assessment and treatment for voice disorders including dysphonia (breathiness or hoarse voice), vocal tremor or vocal fold paralysis caused by Parkinson's, stroke, nodules, polyps, cancer, aging, or vocal overuse at work. Assessment and treatment for swallowing disorders such as dysphagia (​persistent wet voice, coughing, vomiting, sensation that food is stuck in your throat/chest, and/or pain when eating. History of frequent hospitalizations for pneumonia). Training to utilize a speech generating device (SGD) or Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) device. Assistance modifying a device to meet your individual needs. Accent modification.
Practice Areas
 Speech-Language Therapy  Learning Disabilities
 Accent Reduction  Motor Speech Disorders
 Adult Speech/Language Disorders  Online / Video / Teletherapy
 Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia  Raspy Voice / Muscle Tension Dysphonia
 Aphasia  Selective Mutism
 Apraxia  Speech Sound Disorders
 Child Speech/Language Disorders  Stuttering
 Developmental Delays  Swallowing Difficulties / Dysphagia
 Hearing Rehabilitation  Traumatic Brain Injury and Stroke
 Language-Based Learning Disabilities  Voice Disorders
 ASHA Certified Speech-Language Pathologist (CCC-SLP)  Licensed Speech-Language Pathologist (State)
Certified in Vital Stim NMES.
Payments Accepted
Speech therapy solutions only accepts private pay in form of cash, checks, and credit cards for services rendered. payment plans are available. clients seeking reimbursement from their medical insurance companies are provided with necessary documentation.
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