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Bram Consultants

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Private Speech Therapy Practice in Fairfield County CT
Private practice for speech and language differences and disabilities. We provide home based services for children and adults. All of our consultants are state licensed, ASHA certified speech language pathologists. We believe in evidence based practice and work with the whole family to create the most effective therapy plan for our clients. We look forward to hearing from you!
Practice Areas/Issues Treated
 Speech-Language Therapy  Language-Based Learning Disabilities
 Accent Reduction  Learning Disabilities
 Adult Hearing Testing  Mental Health and Speech Issues
 Adult Speech/Language Disorders  Motor Speech Disorders
 Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia  Newborn Hearing Screening
 Aphasia  Online / Video / Teletherapy
 Apraxia  Orofacial Myofunctional Disorders
 Auditory Brainstem Response Testing (ABR)  Pediatric Hearing Testing
 Autism Spectrum Disorders  Raspy Voice / Muscle Tension Dysphonia
 Child Speech/Language Disorders  Selective Mutism
 Cochlear Implants  Speech Sound Disorders
 Developmental Delays  Stuttering
 Electronystagmography Testing (ENG)  Swallowing Difficulties / Dysphagia
 English as a Second Language  Tinnitus
 Head and Neck Cancer  Traumatic Brain Injury and Stroke
 Hearing Aids  Vestibular Testing
 Hearing Conservation  Vocal Coaching for Singing and Performing
 Hearing Rehabilitation  Voice Disorders