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Gal Levy, M.Sc. CCC-SLP

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Gal Levy, M.Sc., CCC-SLP, Speech Pathologist

Welcome to our Speech Pathology Clinic! I have 30 years of daily clinical experience, and my private practice has been active since 2006 in the North Dallas TX area.
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Tongue-Thrust and Articulation: Disorders of articulation and tongue thrust related high-pitched sounds. Physiotherapy to muscles, as well as comprehensive eight weeks direct treatment per each sound that is needed.

Dysphagia ( Swallowing Disorders): Diet guidance, oral mechanical exercises to build up the swallowing procedure in balance again, airway protection techniques to avoid aspirations.

Cognition / Memory and Language: Cognitive training for the brain, memory techniques to improve daily living, short-term memory as well as long-term memory. Language Treatments for Aphasia, post-CVA, and neurogenic disorders As well as language development.
VOICE disorders/Professional voice users:
Practicing six different Techniques:
Agin-Building new voice while the body in motion. Designed for actors.
Berry-Eisenson-Quick technique for mild to moderate cases.
Cooper-Intonation and tone control technique designed for changes of Pitch.
MBS-Oldest and most comprehensive technique, featuring projection of voice.
WMD(Sonorantic)-using sonorants(/m/n/y) to build up the new voice.
MMSM-new generation vocal technique, building up 1000 good voices instead of only one. Professional voice users.

Stuttering/Cluttering: Practicing six different Techniques:
Fluent speech- For a person who stutters younger than six yrs old. Play-Therapy.
Rhythm-Building new rhythmic speech patterns while talking
Daly-Designated especially for clutterer-Stutterer
Desso-Weiss-Designated especially for cluttering
Berry-Eisenson-Changing breath supports pattern to talk better.
Gregory-Relaxation to the speech muscles while talking.
Practice Areas
 Speech-Language Therapy  English as a Second Language  Speech Sound Disorders
 Accent Reduction  Language-Based Learning Disabilities  Stuttering
 Adult Speech/Language Disorders  Learning Disabilities  Swallowing Difficulties / Dysphagia
 Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia  Motor Speech Disorders  Voice Disorders
 Child Speech/Language Disorders  Orofacial Myofunctional Disorders
 ASHA Certified Speech-Language Pathologist (CCC-SLP)  Licensed Speech-Language Pathologist (State)
B.Sc. Tel-Aviv Univ. Il.
M.Sc. UTD Callier inst. TX. USA
Voice Foundation
Other Languages
Payments Accepted
Cash, credit, debit cards, checks
Hours:7-9 pm
Cost/Session:175/135/co-pay (ins.)
License:TX. CCC-SLP