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Speech Therapy for Reading, Writing, Speaking, and Listening
Mindful Speech offers speech-language therapy focusing on language, literacy, and executive functioning in Chicago.

At Mindful Speech, we help children, teens, and adults to speak, understand, read, and write with more ease and less dread.

Like most parents, you probably want your child to be happy, have friends, and enjoy their life.

But difficulties seem to be standing in their way.
When parents reach out to me they say that their child:

“says sentences don’t make sense”

“has trouble decoding words”

“has to read things more than once to get the meaning”

“has difficulty finding the right words for what she means”

“can’t read and understand long sentences and long words"

”has trouble imagining what he reads”

“has difficulty being concise in their essays”

Sound familiar?

You’ve come to the right place. I can help you and your child.

Is your child getting the support they need?

You might worry that your child is not going to be able to keep up with their friends, that your teenager won’t be able to keep up with work in college without you around, or that your child won’t “reach their potential.”

Your child might even be getting help at school but you are fretting that they aren’t getting the one-on-one attention they deserve.

My clients used to struggle like your children. Despite being motivated, creative, and a joy to be around, life is hard for them.

When they first come in, students often take hours and hours to write essays and after all that work, the essays still don’t make sense.

My younger clients are struggling to keep up with their peers because reading hasn’t clicked and they are having difficulty moving beyond slowly reading one word at a time.

Your child deserves to feel confident when telling a story to friends, excited to share their opinion in class, and ready to challenge themselves by using a complex sentence.

Learning the basics (and beyond!) of reading is possible. Using grammatically correct sentences is not out of your child’s reach. If you want your child to gain confidence in their communication skills, I’d love to help them get there.

It’s my passion to think about all things language (reading, writing, listening, speaking, telling stories).
This is what I love to do so it would be my pleasure to help your family!
Hi, I’m Hollis!

When I take my speech-language pathologist (SLP) hat off, I enjoy making art, dancing around with my husband, walking and biking the tree-lined streets of Andersonville, getting lost in a book - and I mean “oops I just read for five hours straight” lost, and relaxing at the beach or by a fire with friends. I also love spending time hiking and exploring around Glenwood Springs, Colorado, where my in-laws live.

I absolutely love helping people connect with others. I do this by helping them tell coherent stories to friends, plan out and write an essay, visualize what they read, and dissect long sentences - I truly, truly love this.

Yes, I’m a language nerd!

I’m passionate about helping others access worlds and experiences through reading because reading about others can help us better understand ourselves. I’ve found so much joy and increased understanding about myself and others through reading and love sharing that with others.

I enjoy spending time with kind, thoughtful people who enjoy learning while having fun and being a little silly along the way.
Practice Areas
 Speech-Language Therapy  Learning Disabilities
 Adult Speech/Language Disorders  Online / Video / Teletherapy
 Autism Spectrum Disorders  Speech Sound Disorders
 Child Speech/Language Disorders  Stuttering
 Developmental Delays  Swallowing Difficulties / Dysphagia
 Language-Based Learning Disabilities
 ASHA Certified Speech-Language Pathologist (CCC-SLP)  Licensed Speech-Language Pathologist (State)
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I attended Northeastern University in Boston for my B.A. in Linguistics and worked on language research at Harvard University, Northeastern University, and the Technical University of Kaiserslautern in Germany which led me to my true love: language therapy.

Following a Fulbright Fellowship in Germany, I graduated with my master’s degree in Speech-language Pathology from Massachusetts General Hospital’s Institute of Health Professions.

I completed my clinical fellowship in Colorado Springs, before returning to my hometown of Chicago.

As an SLP, I have worked across the age span, from toddlers to geriatrics, in a variety of settings, such as outpatient clinics, private schools, in clients’ homes, and daycares.

I am also a certified children’s yoga instructor through Kidding Around Yoga, and love to involve mindfulness practice in my therapy sessions.
Licensed in Illinois and Colorado
Payments Accepted
Credit card, cash, can submit a superbill to insurance
Hours:10 am - 6:30 pm
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