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Specialized Speech and Swallowing therapy
SPARC Health focuses on providing specialized speech, swallowing, voice and cognitive therapy. Urvi Solanki, M.S., CCC-SLP began SPARC Health after gaining extensive experience working with people with strokes, Parkinson's disease, dementia, swallowing impairments etc. SPARC Health provides in-home therapy to residents of King County (Bellevue, Redmond, Kirkland, Seattle etc.) and virtual therapy services (teletherapy) services all across the state of Washington. Medicare, private payment plans and most commercial insurances are accepted.
The focus and mission at our practice is to provide convenient, affordable and specialized speech, swallowing, voice and cognitive therapy at home.
We offer a free 15 minute phone or video consultation to build a meaningful connections with our clients and their caregivers and to decide if SPARC Health is a good fit for them. Next steps normally involve a more detailed comprehensive assessment and the development of a treatment plan that takes into account a variety of factors like age, education, financial limitations, caregiver availability etc.
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Speech and Language Disorders:
These encompass a wide range of conditions and all age groups. Speech disorders occur when the sounds or words we say are unclear and people struggle to understand what we say. Language disorders indicate an impairment with understanding, reading, writing or essentially the words we choose to use to communicate. Common complaints include:
I’m stuttering
People can’t understand what I’m saying
I’m embarrassed to speak
I can’t say sounds or words clearly
I can’t get the right words out
I can’t understand what others are saying
I’m struggling to have a conversation
I’m frustrated with the way I speak

Swallowing disorders:
Difficulty or pain while swallowing, may or may not be a cause of an underlying condition. Often includes difficulty with chewing, food getting “stuck”, coughing while eating or drinking or transmitting the food from your mouth to esophagus and finally to the stomach. Common complaints include:
It hurts to swallow.
I’m scared of choking
I cough when I eat or drink.
Food is getting “stuck” in my throat
I am constantly belching
It’s taking me too long to chew

Cognitive-Linguistic Impairments:
Often a result of brain injury or age related cognitive decline. Attention, memory, problem solving, processing information, speed of processing information, reasoning, interpreting language etc. are commonly affected thus affecting communication as well as activities of daily living like managing medications, finances, appointments etc. Common complaints include:
I can’t remember where I put things.
I’m losing my mind!
I can’t seem to organize my thoughts.
I forget to be safe/ have frequent falls.

Voice Disorders: This may be a result of an impairment in physical structure, like vocal nodules, paralysis of the vocal cords, cancer of the head, neck or throat or simply age related changes to the vocal structures. However, sometimes voice disorders may be a result of ineffective or improper use of the vocal mechanism. This may mean putting too much strain on our vocal cords, improper breathing and voice coordination, unresolved psychological conflict etc. These are some common complaints:
My voice sounds different.
Why can’t people hear me?
Why am I running out of breath while speaking?
People make fun of my voice.
My throat hurts when I speak!
I sound nasal or high-pitched.
I’m losing my voice!

Help is available. Contact us today for more information.
Hi! I’m Urvi- the founder of SPARC Health. I created the company with the mission of providing specialized speech, swallowing, language, voice and cognitive therapy to my community in the state of Washington.
I was profoundly inspired to join the profession when I saw the frustration and distress my closest aunt suffered from after she had a large stroke at the age of 42. She was diagnosed with Broca’s aphasia- a condition that severely limited her ability to elicit words. I attended therapy with her and thus found my calling as a speech therapist. The sheer joy of saying her son’s name, the ability to ask for a glass of water and the immense relief knowing she could make her needs known was life altering. As a family member I know how challenging this loss of communication can be.
I strive to provide the community with affordable care in the comfort of their homes and hope to bring a better quality of life to my patients and their families.
I received my Master’s degree in Speech pathology from Boston University in 2013 and have had the privilege of working with clients from ages 2 to 103! I strongly believe that there is no single cookie cutter program designed for any speech, language, swallowing or voice disorder. Each plan of care is made taking into account strong evidence based practice, cost factors, support systems and caregiver abilities at home and the establishment of a trusting relationship between the therapist, client and their caregivers. That is why I offer a free 15 minute consultation prior to screening, comprehensive assessment or treatment session to see if SPARC health is the right fit for you.
I moved to the Pacific Northwest in 2015 to be with my family and friends and have loved every minute of it. I love to travel the world, experiment with International cuisine and living a healthy lifestyle. My family and friends call me a chatterbox- but I guess that’s why I’m a speech therapist!
Practice Areas
 ASHA Certified Speech-Language Pathologist (CCC-SLP)  Licensed Speech-Language Pathologist (State)
Master's in Speech-Language Pathology, Boston University, 2013.
Member of the American Speech and Hearing Association.
Certificate of Clinical Competence.
Licensed in the state of WA.
National Aphasia Association Affiliate.
Certified with the Lee Silverman Voice treatment (LSVT-LOUD)
Payments Accepted
Medicare, most commercial insurances, private pay
License:LL 60575878
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