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Providing compassionate comprehensive quality speech and language services in Vancouver, WA Portland, OR and surrounding areas.
I have been a licensed Speech Language Pathologist providing direct services to individuals requiring speech and language services, for 13 years. Majority of my career as a speech language pathologist has been providing direct care to the pediatric population, in a variety of settings including: early intervention, public school, inpatient hospital and outpatient rehabilitation clinics. I graduated from Portland State University’s Speech and Hearing Sciences program with my Masters in Speech and Hearing Sciences in June of 2010. After graduating I began my career as a speech language pathologist in this specialized field that focuses on assessing, diagnosing and treating individuals with a vast array of speech, language, cognitive communication and feeding difficulties and disorders. Everyday I am given the opportunity to provide tailored treatment plans to individuals and their families and/or caregivers who have been diagnosed with difficulties and/or disorders within expressive and receptive language, speech articulation and phonology, cognitive function, pragmatic communication or feeding, to address their specific goals and objectives. Therapy begins with initial assessment of each individual's current skills and area/s of difficulty. Having sufficient assessments within a clinic’s battery of assessment ensures appropriate diagnostics and projects the treatment plan successfully. Having a clinical setting equipped to support inclusivity of all levels and all needs is equally important as having quality assessments and certified, specialized providers. After working in a variety of settings and being faced with the challenges of COVID and increased pressure for productivity by larger clinical settings I decided it was time to return to the community I reside and start my private practice I had been dreaming of. This private practice allows me to provide compassionate quality care in a community I call my home.
 ASHA Certified Speech-Language Pathologist (CCC-SLP)
 Licensed Speech-Language Pathologist (State)
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credit care
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 Speech-Language Therapy
 Autism Spectrum Disorders
 Child Speech/Language Disorders
 Developmental Delays
 Language-Based Learning Disabilities
 Motor Speech Disorders
 Orofacial Myofunctional Disorders
 Speech Sound Disorders
 Swallowing Difficulties / Dysphagia
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