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Speech Therapist inTucson, AZ 85736

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Speech Therapist in orange county
Krista Tolo
Krista Tolo is a speech-language pathologist in Orange County Ca Practice Type: • Speech-Language Treatment Center/Clinic Practice Areas: • Speech Language Pathology • Speech Therapy • Aphasia • Apraxia • Articulation and Phonological Process Disorders • Augmentative Alternative Communication • Aural (re)habilitation &bu
Speech Therapist
Orange County, CA 85701
42.9 miles away
Autism Treatment, Apraxia Therapy, Articulation Therapy
Jenny's Speech And Learning Clinic
Jenny’s Clinic is a warm, friendly place that provides individualized pediatric speech therapy and occupational therapy in Tucson, Az. We offer classes for toddlers, autism treatment and articulation therapy. Currently short waiting lists for occupational therapy and speech therapy evaluations. Children birth through 18 years-old of all backgrounds, and their paren
Speech-Language Pathologist
Tucson, AZ 85754
43.3 miles away
Speech Therapist in Tucson
Fabiane Hirsch Kruse
Fabiane Hirsch Kruse is a speech-language pathologist in Tucson, AZ. Practice Type: • Speech-Language Treatment Center/Clinic Practice Areas: • Speech Language Pathology • Aphasia • Apraxia • Augmentative Alternative Communication • Cognitive-Communication Disorders • Fluency and fluency disorders • Neurogenic Communicat
Speech Therapist
Tucson, AZ 85711
45.5 miles away
Bilingual Pediatric Speech Therapy
in-home visits in the Tucson area
Tamra Mullen, CCC-SLP
Speech With Heart
I am a bilingual, pediatric speech-language pathologist in northwest Tucson. I provide bilingual (English/Spanish) speech therapy in Tucson. I have extensive experience in working with infants through school aged children, with a specialty in bilingual language acquisition, evaluation and treatment. I provide individual speech therapy with a heavy emphasis on par
Bilingual Speech Language Pathologist
Cortaro, AZ 85652
49.4 miles away