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Autism Spectrum Disorders Speech Therapist
Cindy Memmel
Speech Therapist
Pewaukee, WI 53072
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Expert Speech Therapy
Cindy Memmel is a speech-language pathologist in Pewaukee, WI. Practice Areas: Speech Language Pathology; Articulation and Phonological Process Disordersl; Autism; Cognitive-Communication Disorders; Fluency and fluency disorders; Language acquisition disorders; Phonology Disorders; Speech Therapy I have experience working at the elementary, middle and high sch
Hear My Words--RDI, LLC
Speech-Language Pathologist
Baltimore, MD 21215
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Don't Just Cope With Autism. Make Life Better!
Transformative Autism Coaching
Disconnection. Isolation. Having a child with autism makes life hard. You’re running more, trying harder than any parent you know, and getting back so much less. It’s not just the big accomplishments—the Instagram Superstar moments everyone posts of their kids—that you miss. Even more, it’s the little things, like shooting hoops, baking together, playing games, s
Jeanne Kane, MS, CCC-SLP
Speech-Language Pathologist
Herndon, VA 20171
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Therapy Comes to You! Sessions provided at home or preschool
Let Jeanne help your child communicate with you!
Fast, real results while having fun--what's better than that! Jeanne is an energetic, nurturing therapist who has been loving her job for over 20 years! Her passion for improving the communication of children comes through in every creative, results-centered session. Jeanne takes great pride in creative innovative and practical session that address the child's need
Victoria Penn
Speech-Language Pathologist
Naples, FL 34102
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Speech-Language Pathologist
Dysphagia Clinical Specialist
I have recently transitioned back to Naples,FL from Dubai UAE in which I lived and worked overseas for the past 3 years. My current private practice is Bloom Speech and Language Therapy LLC located on 704 Goodlette-Frank Rd. North Suite 203 Naples , FL 34102 . The office primarily services Pediatrics to teenagers and Adults. I am an advanced Speech Pathologist who re
Maribel Serrano Holder, M.S., CCC-SLP
Bilingual Speech Language Pathologist
San Francisco, CA 94115
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Helping others across the age and gender spectrum
find their true, authentic voice
Maribel Serrano Holder is a speech-language pathologist in San Francisco, CA. Practice Type: clinic and home-based Practice Areas: Accent Modification, Autism & Sensory Processing Disorder, Early language development and Intervention, Feeding & Swallowing Disorders, Voice Disorders and Gender Affirming Voice Training Please contact Maribel Serrano Holder for
King’s Speech and Learning Center
Speech-Language Pathologist
Avon, CT 06032
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Speech, social, academic and career skills across the ages
Most insurances accepted; services in Greater Hartford, Ct
We have a team of experienced and passionate therapists with a range of specializations, including - Articulation, Motor speech disorders, Including prompt training for the treatment of apraxia - Myofunctional therapy - Expressive receptive language disorders - Phonological language and reading disorders - Autism spectrum disorders - pragmatic language/Social
Beyond Speech Therapy
Speech-Language Pathologist
Atascadero, CA 93422
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Speech Therapy for ALL Ages- Full Scope of Practice
Speech Therapy & QEEG Bio/Neurofeedback
Beyond Speech Therapy is an outpatient clinic. Our goal is to provide a positive and nurturing environment for clients and families of all ages to enhance and develop lifelong valuable skills that will improve their quality of life and activities of daily living. • Aphasia • Apraxia • Dysarthria • Dysphagia (Modified Barium Swallow Studies) • Pragmatics Pedia
Joseph Cianciulli
Speech Language Pathology Services
Norristown, PA 19403
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Stutter, Autism and Stroke Therapy
Certified from West Chester University in Speech Language Pathology, Mr. Cianciulli is capable of providing a unique therapeutic approach to rehabilitation by way of the singing voice. Available to all ages. Mr. Cianciulli combines music, posture and functional voice exercises to improve fluency and build confidence in speech interaction.
Bright Side Speech Therapy
Speech-Language Pathologist
Framingham, MA 01701
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Speech Therapy Framingham
We offer free 30 minute phone consultations to discuss you and your family's needs. Bright Side Speech Therapy provides speech therapy to all ages in Framingham, MA. We treat a variety of issues and disorders. Autism, Apraxia, Stuttering, language delay, accent reduction, AAC therapy, swallowing and feeding therapy, Down's Syndrome, and more. We are located in Framing
Teach and Speech Solutions
Speech-Language Pathologist
Land O Lakes, FL 34637
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Diagnosis and Treatment of Dyslexia
Diagnosis and Treatment of speech and language disorders
We diagnosis and treat pediatric dyslexia, speech and language disorders. Sessions are available in person or via zoom. Sessions are timed and tailored to your child’s specific needs. We accept Gardiner Scholarships and work with many homeschool families and private school students. Our dyslexia therapy is based on Orton Gillingham principles utilizing both OG and Li
ITS-Integrated Therapy Solutions
Speech-Language Pathologist
Hawthorne, CA 90250
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Caring, Personalized Therapy. Psychotherapy and...
Speech, Occupational, Physical Therapy | Early Intervention
ITS is a multi-disciplinary private practice in Los Angeles specializing in development. We are a dedicated group of Speech/Language Pathologists, Occupational Therapists, Physical Therapists and Early Intervention Specialists dedicated to helping each individual we see by individualizing a program best suited to the individual's learning style. We continually look f
Maura Marks, Ph.D., Au.D., CCC-A/SLP
Speech Therapist
Medfield, MA 02052
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Offices in Medfield and Plainville, MA
Speech-Language and Hearing Associates provides intensive and individualized services to children, adolescents, and adults including: - speech and language evaluations - post-stroke theraoy - LSVT LOUD for Parkinson's disease - speech and language therapies - literacy assessments and intervention - hearing tests - hearing aid fittings and management - social c
William Damelio, M.S., CCC-SLP
Speech-Language Pathologist
Boca Raton, FL 33498
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Speech - Voice - Swallow - Cognitive - Teletherapy
Providing comprehensive speech therapy & care.
Services: ** TELETHERAPY AVAILABLE ** LSVT-LOUD (Speech treatment for Parkinson's Disease patients):We provide evaluation and treatment for Parkinson’s Disease related communication deficits. Parkinson’s Disease and other neurological deficits often cause faulty feedback to the brain which can result in communication that is too soft, mumbled, monotone or hoarse. B
Help Me Speak, LLC
Speech-Language Pathologist
Marriottsville, MD 21104
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Speak, Eat, Learn, Sign, & Play!
Speech Therapy
Help Me Speak, LLC is the premier private practice in western Howard County! We are a family centered practice that encourages parent involvement. Our training is current with the latest innovative methods & techniques. We specialize in evaluating & treating kids with apraxia, autism, &/or eating challenges. Also, we provide services for clients with: Down synd
Dawn Wilson, MS, CCC-SLP
Speech-Language Pathologist
Milwaukee, WI 53217
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Speech & language therapy
Speech Specialists is dedicated to providing speech therapy integrating the most up-to-date treatment techniques with a holistic approach. We believe that everyone should be guaranteed the opportunity to develop their communication skills to their full potential. Our comprehensive programs are designed to meet the individual needs of both children and adults. For c
Bayside Pediatric Therapy
Speech-Language Pathologist
Spring Park, MN 55384
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Pediatric Speech Therapy
We provide customized speech therapy for a variety of speech, language, feeding disorders/delays. Our experienced clinicians will customize a therapy plan that includes home programming and collaboration with other professionals, as well as therapy techniques that are best suited for your child. BPTx was founded on the concept of helping children reach their highes
Robin Best, M.A., C.C.C., P.A.
Speech-Language Pathologist
Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33412
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Speech and Language therapy
Speech and Language therapy at your place or mine
Robin Best MA CCC PA has been a speech language for over 30 years. Work experience began in Long Island, New York in Schools, nursing homes, Rehabilatation centers and private practice. After moving to Coral Springs, Florida my primary time was spent in building my private practice which evolved into my building Best Interventions in the Coral Springs Professi
Suzanne Flax, MS, CCC-SLP
Speech-Language Pathologist
Newton, MA 02459
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Speech Therapist & Educational Advocate
FCSN trained. Speech-language pathologist with 30+ years experience as a therapist and an advocate/consultant for students with diverse special education needs of all ages. Experience with suburban school systems and BPS. Review and interpret clinical evaluations and help develop I.E.P./ 504 plans. Specialties include communication disorders, ASD, and transition plann
All Speech, LLC
Speech-Language Pathologist
Dallas, TX 75248
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Online Speech and Myofunctional Therapy in TX, CA, & HI
Proudly providing Myofunctional and Speech Therapy Online
All Speech, LLC is a speech therapy private practice that provides virtual speech and myofunctional therapy in Texas, California, and Hawaii to children and adults. Our goal is to improve the accessibility of myofunctional and speech therapy services, and we believe everyone can succeed. We are passionate about providing services in the client's natural environment an
Julee Portner, MS, CCC-SLP, IBCLC, LMT
Speech-Language Pathologist
Honolulu, HI 96815
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Fast, Practical Solutions for Patients and Their Caregivers
Consultation and treatments for talking and eating
Everyone talks and eats. We have to do it well our whole lifetime. When it isn’t going well. Julee can help you find the solutions that will work quickly and perfectly for you. Differences, disorders and diseases affecting talking, eating, swallowing and feeding. Help can be needed at every life age and stage. Offering expert consultations and customized trea
Tami Radzai, M.A., CCC-SLP
Speech-Language Pathologist
Raleigh, NC 27616
Pediatric Speech Therapy
I have experience working with a variety of ages and disabilities, including: Autism, Downs Syndrome, late talkers, Apraxia, Language disorders, Articulation disorders, Central Auditory Processing Issues Disorder, feeding difficulties, etc. I have worked with the birth to 3-year-old population for 6years, and have serviced the pre-school and school-aged population fo
Speech Language & More, Inc.
Speech Therapist
Sunrise, FL 33351
Rehabilitation Services for Children & Adults
At Speech Language & More, Inc., you will find dedicated and highly qualified professionals specializing in the evaluation and treatment of children and adults with communication (speech, language, stuttering, voice, cognitive-communication) and swallowing disorders. We offer therapy in our office, as well as the comfort of your own home or location of your choice (s
The Root Therapy Services
Speech-Language Pathologist
White Rock, NM 87547
Providing home-based services to Los Alamos/White Rock areas
Statewide telepractice services now available
Hello everyone, My name is Justine Dodge, and I am excited to be providing pediatric speech-language pathology services to the Los Alamos and White Rock areas. My family and I moved to Los Alamos at the end of 2017. I have been working as an inpatient and outpatient SLP at Los Alamos Medical Center since January of 2018. I am presently providing adult rehab and
Elizabeth McGuire
Speech Therapist
San Diego, CA 92116
Speech Therapist in San Diego
Find me and more info at BabbleBetter
Elizabeth McGuire is a speech-language pathologist in San Diego, CA. Practice Type: • Home Health Agency - Client's Home Practice Areas: • Speech Language Pathology • Accent Modification • Aphasia • Apraxia • Articulation and Phonological Process Disorders • Augmentative Alternative Communication • Autism • Cleft pa
Pamela Garitta
Speech-Language Pathologist
Marlboro, NY 12542
Preschool to High School Age: Articulation/Language
Teletherapy Sessions available
I have over 20 years experience working with a variety of speech and language disorders, including articulation, language and social skills. I have worked in the school districts from elementary to high school levels. I have also contracted with the local counties working with preschool age clients with disorders including articulation, phonological, autism and select
Racheal Gower, M.S. CCC-SLP
Speech-Language Pathologist
Paducah, KY 42001
Inspiring Confidence Through Communication
Speech Therapy for ALL Ages
If you are looking for a enthusiastic speech language professional with a fresh mindset, Speech Therapy Services in Paducah, KY is the right choice for you. Racheal began her career with speech therapy as a child, receiving services for articulation therapy. Racheal never expected she would one day be helping all ages of individuals receive speech and language serv
Ridgewood Speech Therapy
Speech Therapist
Pleasant View, TN 37146
Speech and Language therapy
In home consultations and therapy. Phone consultations, IEP assistance Practice is new to the area and willing to work around your schedule. Email us to receive more information. Practice Areas: Speech Language Pathology Ridgewood Speech Therapy established 2010. Please contact Ridgewood Speech Therapy for a consultation.
Melanie Phifer
Speech-Language Pathologist
Layton, UT 84041
Speech Therapy
Melanie Phifer is a speech-language pathologist located in Layton, UT. Practice Type: • Elementary School; Private Practice Practice Areas: • Speech Language Pathology • Apraxia • Articulation and Phonological Process Disorders • Augmentative Alternative Communication • Autism • Fluency and fluency disorders • Phonology
Downriver Speech Clinic
Speech-Language Pathologist
Riverview, MI 48193
Speech Therapy
Providing speech therapy services in Woodhaven, MI. We search Trenton, Flat Rock, Grosse Ile, Gibraltar, Flat Rock, Riverview, Taylor, Lincoln Park and more. Certified speech language pathologists through ASHA and registered with the State of MI. Evaluations, individual assessments and progress tracking for every client. Our Speech Pathologists have years of experi
Joseph Rothstein
Speech Therapist
Santa Monica, CA 90403
Speech Therapy
Joseph Rothstein is a speech-language pathologist in Santa Monica, CA. Practice Type: • Home Health Agency - Client's Home Practice Areas: • Speech Language Pathology Please contact Joseph Rothstein for a consultation.
Kim Norris Speech Therapy Clinic PC
Speech-Language Pathologist
Omaha, NE 68114
Helping Your Child to be Understood
Pediatric Speech Therapy in Omaha
I am a wife and a mother of 2 wonderful children. I am a busy mom, a girl scout leader and a soccer coach. I have lived in the Omaha area for my entire life. I became interested in speech therapy as a profession when I began volunteering at Camp Hattie B. Munroe through the University of Nebraska Medical Center. I worked in the home in an intensive ABA program as a
Thrive Therapy & Social Center
Speech-Language Pathologist
San Jose, CA 95113
Pediatric Multi Disciplinary Center
At Thrive, we recognize and embrace a broad view of communication by assessing and enhancing the following: initiation of spontaneous communication in functional activities across social partners and settings, comprehension of verbal and nonverbal communication in social and community settings, and communication for a range of social functions that are reciprocal and
Speech Therapist in Union City
Social Butterfly SLPS Corp is a private speech therapy office located in Union City, CA. By appointment only. Practice Type: • Private Practice Practice Areas: • Speech Language Pathology • Articulation and Phonological Process Disorders • Augmentative Alternative Communication • Autism • Development of slp technology • Flue
Lynda Thill
Speech Therapist
Denver, CO 80238
Speech Therapist in Denver, Colorado
Lynda Thill is a Speech and Language Pathologist in Denver, Colorado Practice Type: Private Practice Practice Areas: Pediatric Feeding and Swallowing Disorders, Pediatric Motor Speech, Phonological Processing and Articulation Delays/Disorders, 0-5 Language Disorders, Relationship Based Approach to 0-5 ASD, Parent Coaching, Mentorship, Community Education
Lara Dunn
Speech-Language Pathologist
Hood River, OR 97031
Speech Therapy
Lara Dunn is a speech-language pathologist in Hood River, OR. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Vestibulum porta nisl in condimentum sollicitudin. Donec feugiat, nisl vitae faucibus faucibus, lacus orci laoreet purus, pellentesque sagittis velit orci id tortor. Sed bibendum sed felis nec scelerisque. Phasellus vitae lorem id dui blandit variu
Speech-Language Pathologist
Westchester And Nyc, NY 10605
For infants, toddlers, and pre-schoolers
Family-centered, two-hour sessions
Dr. Fran and her associate will: Meet with you and your child in your home in Weschester County, NY or Manhatten. Assess your child's speech, language, feeding development. Show you how reachable speech and language therapy goals are developed from the assessment. Demonstrate and provide speech therapy, language therapy, feeding therapy suited to your child. S
Jessica Abel, CCC-SLP TSSLD
Speech Therapist
Deer Park, NY 11729
Fully licensed and certified Speech-Language Pathologist
I specialize in working with children & adults - Long Island
I am proud to have over 7 years of experience serving children and adults with communication needs. I specialize in working with children who have autism, learning disabilities, and articulation difficulty. I also specialize in working with adults who have suffered from stroke and/or swallowing issues. Please contact me with any questions. In addition to proactive
Therapiezentrum Am Maienplatz
Speech Language Pathology Services
Boeblingen / Germany, DE 71032
Speech and Language Therapy
We evaluate and treat children with: ◾ Language delay (receptive and expressive) ◾ Articulation and Phonological Process Disorders ◾ Fluency Disorders – stuttering / cluttering ◾ Tongue-Thrust-Therapy (myofunctional therapy) ◾ Auditory Processing Disorders (also in connection with difficulties in reading and writing) ◾ Feeding and Swallowing Disorders ◾ Hearin
Lynn Stringer
Speech-Language Pathologist
Cabool, MO 65689
Speech Therapy Sevices
Cognitive, Receptive/Expressive Language,
I work full time in at Cabool Schools. I work with grades k-12 with phonological disorders and receptive and expressive language disorders. At Texas County Memorial Hospital, I evaluate and work with all ages in the areas of cognition, expressive receptive communication, dysphagia, modified barium swallow assessments in outpatient, inpatient, and home health. Working
Impressions Pediatric Therapy
Speech Therapist
Camp Springs, MD 20746
2 Locations - Sensory gym space - Therapy in one place!
Multidisciplinary Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy and Social Skills groups. We are able to accept children for an evaluation within 1-2 weeks. We will complete your assessment in 7-10 days! Custom Sensory Gym Private rooms Sensory Skills Groups Individual and Co-treatments Most insurances accepted
B's Speech Therapy Services
Speech-Language Pathologist
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301
Speech and Language Therapy
modalities: daycare, school, teletherapy and in-home.
B's Speech Therapy offers services through a variety of modalities: daycare, school, teletherapy and in-home. We are very eager to work as a team to guide and support all patients by providing services in the areas that are needed, including academic achievement, increased confidence, self-advocacy, and improved social-emotional interactions. We are excited to conn
Christine Raffo, AuD
Speech-Language Pathologist
Albany, NY 12203
For over two decades, Madison & Saratoga Hearing Centers have been serving the hearing healthcare needs of the greater Capital Region. From counseling on hearing protection to helping with amplification, the doctors of audiology work with patients and their loved ones to help improve quality of life.
Joelle Kupras, MS, CCC-SLP
Speech-Language Pathologist
Pleasanton, CA 94566
Pediatric Speech and Language Services
Assessment, Therapy and Consultation
Communication Building Blocks has been in business since June 2010. We provide pediatric speech and language services to clients age 18 months to 18 years. Individual and group therapy sessions are available. Communication Building Blocks provides services to clients with a variety of communication disorders including, but not limited to: apraxia articulation d
ESP Speech Therapy, M.S., CCC-SLP
Speech-Language Pathologist
Nottingham, MD 21236
Speech-language therapy
Speech-language therapy services: *articulation, receptive/expressive/pragmatic language *ages 2-21 *summer/holiday breaks, weekday evenings/weekends during the school year PROMPT trained DIRFloortime trained Free initial consultation. Daily notes and quarterly progress reports provided with therapy. Family training and unlimited consultatio
Dianne Lazer, Owner
Speech-Language Pathologist
Cherry Hill, NJ 08003
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Speech and Feeding Services
Dianne Lazer, MA, CCC-SLP/COM is a speech-language pathologist in private practice specializing in swallowing and feeding disorders. In May, 2016, she sold her private practice in Marlton, NJ where she shared office space with a pediatric gastroenterologist and managed a multidisciplinary rehab team of specialists that included speech and feeding, occupational, readi
Taryn Fromer, M.S., CCC-SLP, TSSLD
Speech-Language Pathologist
Brooklyn, NY 11211
Speech Therapist in New York
Taryn Fromer is a pediatric speech-language pathologist in New York, NY. Practice Type: • Home Health Agency - Client's Home • Travel to Manhattan and Brooklyn for In person • Telehealth Taryn provides both evaluations and therapy in a whole-child approach. All therapy plans are customized for your child's needs.
Marge Penning, PhD, CCC-SLP
Speech-Language Pathologist
Grand Rapids, MI 49546
Speech Therapy in Grand Rapids
Dr. Penning is a speech-language pathologist with a PhD in reading and cognitive psychology. She provides assessment and treatment for persons of all ages in speech, language, reading and related areas. Following an initial assessment, Dr. Penning develops an individualized treatment plan. Parental/spouse participation in treatment is encouraged through observation
Brenda Kenner, Magnolia, Montgomery, The Woodlands, Conroe
Speech-Language Pathologist
Montgomery, TX 77316
Meeting your child's speech and language needs in your home.
Kenner Speech and Language Services meets your child's speech and language needs in the comfort of his/her natural setting. Kenner Speech Therapy and Language Services offers individualized speech and language therapy with in your home. Brenda Kenner, speech pathologist, offers service in the North Woodlands, Magnolia, Montgomery, and Conroe areas. Each child’
Lynette Roquemore, M.S., CCC-SLP
Speech-Language Pathologist
Kettering, OH 45420
I currently provide therapy services to children and adults in home and would like to expand into telepractice when possible. I have experience evaluating and treating children and adults with various speech/language and swallowing disorders. I worked with the birth to three population in IL for approximately 5 years as an independent contractor for the state. Duri
Pediatric Teletherapy LLC
Speech-Language Pathologist
Denver, CO 80209
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Helping children express, connect, & thrive!
Virtual speech therapy services in Alaska and Colorado.
With 8 years of experience as a Speech-Language Pathologist, I specialize in working with children from birth to 18. My approach is centered on respect, collaboration, and empowerment. I believe in the unique strengths each child and their family bring to the therapy process, and I'm committed to building upon these in our sessions. I strive to create a welcoming envi